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Article: Brain’s music pleasure zone identified

Brain’s music pleasure zone identified

Internet Radio streams – Deepmix Moscow Radio

DeepMixMoscowRadioA few internet radio streams out there are worth listening to, one of them being Deepmix Moscow Radio. They play deep house beats that are very mellow to chill out to, every time I tuned them in they always had something really good going on.

Their streams will play through itunes, winamp, or any webcast player, but I had some problems playing them through Windows Media Player.

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Where do I get new music?

With the explosion of media players, whether in your phone, your car, or your home, the music industry is being turned upside down as far as how music is being sold and distributed these days. Since I haven’t stepped into a record store in years, I get 100% of my music from the web. So where do I go for my electronica mp3 fix?

There are a few websites I recommend that are especially good for those hard to find electronic tracks. Because the really good stuff is hard to find. is an excellent sister website of, a website I used in the past to purchase my vinyl records. You can preview pretty much every track, and their selection is amazing with a huge backstock that goes back to the early 90s. They have recommendation and top-download lists to browse if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. Priced right too, with an 192k MP3 for around $1.50

Another great website is However they only sell in digital format, so no CD jewel cases or crates of vinyl delivery to your door. They have relationships with some virtual DJ software, with plug-ins within the mixer for track purchase at  Could be a cool feature if some hottie runs up to you with a request in the middle of a set and you gotta scramble to score some points. Once again their selection is huge, recommended playlists are great, but they are pricier than other options, at just-released tracks going for about $2.50.

Personal tip: Sometimes I would use beatport as  a browsing website trolling through some of their top download lists, then try to find the tracks for a cheaper price somewhere else.  If the track isn’t too rare, you can find it on for 99 cents.  This has happened before, but rarely.  Amazon has a limited selection of electronica.

There are plenty of other sites out there to buy from, but these are my personal favorites, and in my opinion some of the best.

Music and physical pleasure

My wife will sometimes comment on how I can’t stop listening to music at any time and any place. Something always needs to be playing whether I’m at home, on the road, on the beach, at a hotel, etc. It’s not a nuisance but an observation.  I don’t know, I can’t help it, it just feels better to be somewhere when music is playing, it just feels like a better time that way.

Now I don’t know if you are like me, but sometimes when I hear a piece of music that I really enjoy I get a cold chill shoot down my spine. It is a very good feeling that lasts for about a second or two, and it always goes down the middle of my back.  I always wondered what that really was.

I found that many scientific studies have concluded that listening to music does in fact produce positive reactions in humans that can be compared to those experienced while having sex, eating good food or ingesting a drug for example.  Music is in fact, a pleasurable experience to humans.

But I found it really interesting (according to one study) to learn that the chills I feel are actual physiological reactions that my body is having.  Pretty freakin cool if you ask me.

Here is a scientific study article done on the “spine chiller” sensation I describe, if you are up to some nerdy reading:

Intensely pleasurable responses to music

So that shudder you get when that bassline drops or that chorus kicks in is just your brain pumping out some  dopamine into your system.  I didn’t realize I am one of those people lucky enough to be programmed this way.

So the next time you feel like lighting up that crack pipe put it down and turn on some tunes! Its much healthier that way, and almost just as pleasurable.