Podcast #004 – Live drum & bass set at Formula Drift event 10/8/11

Here is an excerpt of a DJ set that I did at the Alpinestars tent at the Formula Drift event in Irwindale, CA.

I apologize for some clipping in the audio – this was at the end of a 6-hour stint for my laptop gear setup. Enjoy!


Set List:

– Global Enemies (Ant To be Remix) – Lynx & Kemo

– Brand Nu Day – 60 Minute Man

– Change – Commix

– The Boy Who Lost His Smile – Nu:Tone

– Things I Do (Spectrasoul Remix) – BTK

– Skizm – Markus Intalex

– Dreadnaught (feat. SP:MC) – Icicle

(to download the file, right-click on the download link and select “save link as…”)


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iMaschine is out now for Apple products

Makes me wish i owned an iPhone or iPad!

Check it out!



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$1600 Pioneer mixer for Traktor

Pioneer builds some quality gear, but yikes, this is just a standalone mixer.

Full review here:


and video preview from Pioneer

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#nowplaying Art Department – We Call Love

Some house music, old school style, courtesy of Art Department. Enjoy!

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excellent William Orbit track

Enjoy this chillout tune from 1993

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Qbert’s Breakfast Of Champions

Qbert scratching on digital software? Wait, i think i just saw a pig fly past my window.

It doesn’t really sound like the real deal on vinyl, but not too shabby Native Instruments!

YouTube – Qbert’s Breakfast Of Champions.

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Meat Katie – Bizarre is Beautiful

I must admit, I haven’t checked out the Breakbeat scene in quite some time, but this recent release by Meat Katie is quite the heavy duty dance floor smasher. A proper club sound system could do this huge track some justice!

Meat Katie- Bizarre Is Beautiful- Lot49- Out Now! by LOT49

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NYT: For Car Cassette Decks, Play Time is Over

I did not even know that there was a possibility to buy a 2010 model car with an option for a tape deck. Nonetheless, this is an interesting article about listening to music in autos today.


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Streaming Audio Server Software for Internet Radio Broadcasting

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this a long time ago. With a little basic computer knowledge, you can take the audio coming out of your PC and stream it live to the interweb, for free. Post the link to your social networking feed and throw a live interactive twist with commentary.

I haven’t tested the software for bandwith stability (the zero people listening to my stream now have yet to crash the server), but you can get the software here:

Streaming Audio Server Software for Internet Radio Broadcasting.

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Review of the Transit One release by d&b label Dispatch Recordings

The Dispatch Recordings record label released a compilation album last week that needs to be heard by every serious drum & bass fanatic, entitled Transit One.

Many of the 15 tracks on this release went into my digital crate, as I was previewing the album track by track at Beatport.com, here. Not my favorite website to purchase the actual tracks from (sorry Beatport, your prices can be beat), but their website interface and navigation is top notch.

The tracks on this release aren’t full of the generic sample loops you hear, but rather filled with intelligent production and creative sampling, like in the track Clone, for example. The stabbing sub-bass line is layered with something I can describe as a typewriter, and timed to sound like typing. Great track.

But when an old and familiar sample is used, it’s done really well, like in the track Monkey Business, that begins with a subtle 303 bassline stab. The tight breakbeat is accentuated by the delicate synth cymbal, and the dark breath-like samples and deep sub bass pull everything together. Excellent track, in my opinion.

The release is balanced out by some liquid vibes and female vocals like in Mistakes, and some MC lyricism like in the tracks Structure and Red Mist. Got something for everybody in here.

Check this album out. No cheesy progressive chords or bubbly repetitive baselines here, just serious breaks and deep basslines done proper.

More sound samples and suggested link for purchasing are on their soundcloud page here.

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