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$1600 Pioneer mixer for Traktor

Pioneer builds some quality gear, but yikes, this is just a standalone mixer.

Full review here:


and video preview from Pioneer

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Commodore 64 8-bit synth emulator

This is a free VST plug-in for Windows that reproduces the retro 8-bit gaming sound of the classic Commodore64 computer.

There are ways to create the 8-bit sound by using converters and such, but it doesn’t get any easier (or more fun) than with this plug-in that you load up to any VST compatible music production software.

Visit de la Mancha’s website to download the FREE plug-in.

Now this isnt an example produced by the plug-in, but if you’re a old school video game geek like me, you get the idea…

…or how about a new Contra boss level soundtrack 🙂

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Got DAW?

DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation, and can refer to any piece of hardware or PC software that allows you to produce, edit and playback music.

DAWs tend to have multiple hardware or audio inputs and several audio outputs for sound reproduction and/or monitoring. They keep getting smaller and more technologically advanced, making them less than those huge studio mixing boards and more like those old school “groove boxes”.

Like the Akai MPC5000, a$3000 synthesizer, effects processor,  drum machine, multi-track recorder, sequencer and sampler – a complete sound studio 18″ wide by 16″ deep.


Or the 6×7 inch Korg D4 – a 4-track recorder, effects processor, song editor, and instrument tuner. A recording studio the size of a stack of greeting cards.


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JBL MSC1 calibrates your home studio speaker setup


The JBL MSC1 is a room speaker monitoring system with RMC – Room Monitoring Correction, designed to optimize the output of your monitoring setup and eliminate the imperfections and distortions of your mixing room environment.  Digital music production requires a very precise monitoring environment, and this device helps achieve that. However if your Dell desktop speakers are all you need to produce and remix, this device isnt for you. More info here.

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